The Bugatti vehicle of the Type 57SC Atlantic model is considered the most expensive on The Earth today — its price makes $30 million.

Rarity for Ralph Lauren

In far 1936 of Bugatti has released four delightful Type 57SC Atlantic cars. Today them remained only two – one blue, second colors noir. The model with a black body belongs to the fashion designer Ralph Lauren. She “lives” in the capital of France and is a pearl of an autocollection of mister Lauren.

Exclusive for all times

The second car of color of a sea wave decorates an exposition of the museum Mullin today (Osnard, California, the USA). This car of the Bugatti brand is in possession of the private collector. Unfortunately, the name of the owner isn’t disclosed, it is known only that he has bought the car on biddings in 2010, having paid $30 million for a miracle of equipment, however some sources claim that the sum fluctuated from $30 million to $40 million. Whether so it – is for certain known to nobody.

Exposition diamond

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic was exposed in the Mullin hall some time. After end of an exhibition the supercar has returned to the owner to garage. For those motorists who didn’t manage to see a car “alive” we suggest to watch the video showing the delightful Type 57SC Atlantic model in all beauty.

Wasn’t quicker

In 1936 masters of Bugatti have made the real break in automotive industry. The matter is that a novelty of those days Type 57SC Atlantic could disperse … to 200 km/h! Under his cowl the 210 horsepowers 3,2-liter motor was placed. And even is very quite good indicator today.

Naturally, now the machine will hardly manage to be accelerated to such speeds, it has pretty respectable age. Besides, it is unlikely owners will begin to risk so impressive sums enclosed in purchase of models.

Change of owners

Lord Victor Rothschild was the first owner of Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. He has wished that the body had blue color, and an interior decor – blue. In 1939 mister Rothschild has increased motor power to 150 kW. A time later he has sold a car to Bob Oliver, and that, in turn, to Peter Williamson. The last has paid $59 thousand – the unprecedented sum for 1971.

author: Egor Vetrovsky


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