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The Bugatti company has officially presented new hipercar Chiron as a replacement for the Veyron model which has been in production till 2016. The new car has the 1500 horse power W16 engine with 1600 Nanometers of a torque. The maximum speed of the car is 420 kilometers per hour.

bugatti chiron


bugatti chiron

Representatives of the company especially noted that in new Chiron any details from the predecessor have almost not been used. The novelty is 82 mm longer than Veyron, it is 40 mm wider and 53 mm higher. The weight of the car has increased with 150 kilograms and takes the amount of 1 995 kg. As well as Veyron, Chiron have constructed with the carbonic monocoque that has been first developed by engineers from Bugatti. The back part of the chassis is also manufactured of carbon fabrics that has allowed it to be eight kilograms lighter than the predecessor. The car maker has noted that with its rigidity on torsion and a bend the Chiron car can challenges the racing cars of the highest class WEC such as the categories LMP1.

Engine and transmission

The modernized eight-liter W16 with four turbines gives nearly 1 500 hp at 6 000 revolutions per minute. The peak torque in 1 600 Nanometers is reached in the range from 2 000 to 6 000 turns. In Bugatti company they have noted that for 1/4 engine capacity  increasing, in comparison with the predecessor, engineers had to process or make anew almost all components of the unit. For example, the motor has been equiped with the consecutive system of pressurization. Two turbines begin to work at low turns, and the second pair of superchargers start after 3800 turns of a cranked shaft. Such scheme allowes to provide linearity of a power set beginning already with two thousand turns. Together with the motor seven-step robotic transmission of DSG works. The supercar is also equiped with the full drive system with a possibility of blocking forward and back differentials.

bugatti chiron engine

Top speed

bugatti chiron

To first “one hundred” new hipercar Bugatti Chiron reaches approximately in 2,5 seconds, that repeats the result of the Veyron Super Sport Wolrd Record Edition special version producted without speed limiter. The novelty reachs two hundred km/h less than in 6,5 seconds. Three hundred kilometers per hour of Chiron – in 13,6 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 420 km/h. The Veyron’s Bugatti “top speed” has been electronicaly limited with a mark of 415 km/h. It is worth making a reservation that official figures, as a rule, differ from those which experts manage to reach on a track. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the final Bugatti Chiron specification will be declassified later.

Limited edition

All in all 500 copies of Chiron will be procucted. The first cars will be ready in September, 2016.


The Chiron body panels are also manufactured of carbon fabrics. The model has both passive, and active aerodynamic elements. The first are also used for cooling of knots and units of the 1500-strong supercar. For example, special openings on boards are made so that to direct air through rims that provides cooling of brake mechanisms. In addition, the model was equipped with the active back rear wing working in four modes. It can be completely put, a little raised (in such situation it is in the mode of the maximum speed), is completely lifted or to be used as an aerodynamic brake.


The adaptive Bugatti Chiron chassis has five preset operating modes. They change height of a road gleam, rigidity of shock-absorbers, effort a wheel, work of system of the full drive and active back differential, aerodynamics of the car, and also algorithms of stabilization and brakes system action . The Lift mode is used for bad road or loading the car on a trailer. It works at speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour. After EB Auto in which electronics is responsible for automatically joins settings change. The Autobahn mode automatically swithes on after 180 kilometers per hour and optimizes settings for the movement at a high speed on highways. The Handling mode arranges systems and components of the car to drive on a track. These settings can be changed by the joystick on a steering wheel. The fifth mode – Top Speed is activated only by a special key and allows Chiron reachs 420 kilometers per hour.

bugatti chiron suspension


The supercar is equiped with the brake mechanisms of carbon fabrics – ceramic disks which are 20 millimeters bigger in the diameter in comparison with the disks of Veyron. Сhiron is also eqipedwith  the supports made of aluminum with eight titanic pistons in front and six at the back. The Bugatti company has created tires for Chiron together with Michelin firm. Tests of tires passed with use of the space equipment. The car maker has noted that the task consisted in making tires, each of which would be capable to transfer to a covering to 5000 Nanometers of the moment. In front at a compartment tires by dimension 285/30 R20, and behind – 355/25 R21 are installed. Their spot of contact is 14 and 12 percent better than Veyron tires.

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